ArcelorMittal Gent – Steel: the fabric of life

ArcelorMittal Gent - Steel: the fabric of lifeArcelorMittal Gent - Steel: the fabric of life

Steel in your day-to-day life

  • Maybe even your car

    Did you know that ArcelorMittal Gent provides steel to most of the automotive manufacturers?

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  • Fashionable buildings

    Did you know that many architects and building contractors utilise our steel?

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  • In your house

    Did you know that many of your household appliances contain steel made by ArcelorMittal Gent?

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  • News

    Inauguration world-first for steel industry: Jet Vapor Deposition

    On February 3rd, His Majesty The King of the Belgians officially inaugurated a new, €63m production line - the Jet Vapor Deposition (JVD) line - at the ArcelorMittal Belgium facilities in Kessales.

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    Research centre for the application of steel (OCAS) celebrates its 25th anniversary

    Research centre OCAS, the joint venture between ArcelorMittal and the Flemish region, celebrated its 25th anniversary in Ghent on September 6th.

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    Environmental charter

    ArcelorMittal Gent received the East Flanders’ Environmental Charter for the 13th consecutive time on June 15th.

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    Corporate Responsibility Report

    Our new 'Corporate Responsibility Report' is now available online.

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